Monday, October 14, 2013

{31 Days of Coastal Style} Advice from the Ocean

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"Be shore of yourself." "Come out of your shell." Take time to coast." "Avoid pier pressure." "Sea life's beauty." "Don't get tide down." "Make waves." And I'll add one more oceanic word of wisdom: "Roll with it."

As a kid, I remember being nearly swept out to sea by an unexpected rip tide. My brother and I (we were probably about 12 and 10 at the time, though I don't remember) were swimming along with the rest of my family when an offshore storm started creating a strong rip current. The two of us found ourselves slowly being pulled farther and farther away from the shore.

My mom, an avid swimmer, quickly swam out to where we were, and, calmly but firmly, directed us NOT to swim straight toward the shore-- as our natural instincts were telling us. Instead, she said, to get out of the rip current we had to swim SIDEWAYS, parallel to the shore, till we reached a spot where the current was weaker, and then we could work our way to shore. Working as a team, together the three of us made it safely back to the beach. 

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That day I learned that we had to "roll with" the current, rather than fight against it, or else we would never make it back to shore! Through my whole life, that same lesson has continued to shape my attitude. When unexpected situations pop up, plans are changed at the last minute, or crises arise, fighting against the "tide" rarely produces beneficial results. Rather, as we "roll with" what we are given, cheerfully adapting to our circumstances, we are able to rise above those circumstances!

This is especially easy to do when I know that I'm not the one in control-- God is! "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God; to those who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28) "In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God is Christ Jesus concerning you." (I Thessalonians 5:18) In every situation, no matter how dire, there is something to be thankful for! Find that something, and you have found the key to cheerfully "rolling with it"! 

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Today (or rather, at midnight last night) I was reminded of this again, as hubby, three kids, and I sat by the roadside in our truck, knowing that we had a full eight hours to wait for morning, and the opening of the auto parts stores so that Mr. Superman could replace the fuel pump on our truck. Just now, 23 hours later, we have finally reached our destination-- a trip that normally takes only 5 1/2 hours (hence the late blog post!) :) How very thankful I am that at a young age, I learned this lesson from the ocean: to "roll with the punches" and cheerfully adapt to my circumstances! So many things could have gone wrong today that DIDN'T, we did make it safely to our destination, and we actually enjoyed some special family time along the way!

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Life is an adventure. It may not always be the adventure you expected, but it's always an adventure!

Have you ever learned a valuable lesson from the ocean? Or from any other part of nature? (Psalm 19)

P.S. This week my family and I are attending a conference! While I will do my best to post each day, I will be "rolling with" the circumstances as they happen, which may mean I might miss a day. Rest assured, though, "31 Days of Coastal Style" is still full-steam ahead! :)

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  1. love love LOVE this post!!!! great thought sis!! and I heard about your midnight adventure... poor guys! Can't say we've never been through But I think being flexible is part of being a Raub! ;) Hope you guys have a great week at the conference and getting your new kitchen!!!!!! woohoo!

  2. Love this blog and I love the ocean! I learned just a few years ago when I went swimming in the ocean for the first time how terrifying rip currents can be! What a great lesson and life is so much easier when you follow it!


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