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2012: In My Rear-View Mirror

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Wow, where did this past year go?!? I've heard people say that time flies faster as you get older, but I sure hope that's not true, because 2012 went by so fast it made my head spin! So I guess I'll join the "Year-In-Review" club, and refresh your (and my) memory about what went on here at "A Heartful Home" last year!

May 2012:

I started this blog! ;) My very first post was, Home Is Where My <3 Is. My personal favorite post of the month was my first furniture makeover: My "Chair" Lady! My most popular post of the month, however, was my 99¢ Goodwill chandelier-- it has received 893 pageviews so far, and is currently the third most-viewed post on my entire blog! I guess people like crazy-good thrifty finds! ;)

June 2012:
June kicked off a summer of nautical inspiration: from my nautical thrifting finds,
to my nautical bookshelf, and my neutral nautical "mantel"!

June was the month of super rummage sale-ing, and I scored BIG, both in thrifty finds AND in pageviews! My two most popular posts of all time were Thrifty Treasures Monday: What A Haul! (when I found a console table for $5 and five dining rooms chairs for $20), and the reveal of the Chalk Paint Console Table makeover (with homemade chalk paint!)-- both have received over 1,000 hits!

July 2012:

My favorite post in July (and quite possibly my favorite furniture makeover EVER) was the neutral Union Jack/Jacques side table! The most popular posts of July, according to pageviews, were my DIY Seashell Topiary, as well as more thrifty treasures- Ironstone and Old Gates!

August 2012:
August also featured this wicker basket-chair makeover, and my first pillow-making attempt!

August was another month with several popular posts! I showed you how I freshened up my kitchen by changing out the accessories above the cabinets, and confessed to some serious Target envy (& acquired my first ceramic owl!) I also did my first "blog-techie" tutorial, on "How To Truncate Your Blog Posts".

September 2012:

September was another successful thrifting month-- I hit the Junker's Jackpot (aqua Mason jars, old windows, and RH-look-alike pendant lamps, oh my!), plus I found a giant original canvas painting for $5 and a real vintage "Farmer's Market" sign!

October 2012:
I shared my neutral autumn bookshelf, plus a FREE printable fall sign!
October was a month of makeovers-- I turned a humongous green vase into a Pottery-Barn style lamp, spray-painted a pair of ceramic owls (to replace my poor Target owl, who suffered a tragic fate), and rescued my under-sink kitchen cabinet. But the month's most popular post was my first (and only) "recipe" post, for "Cream of Anything" soup mix! (It is also my most-pinned post!)

November 2012:

Call the tabloids! In November, I got a facelift and confessed to a love affair-- though it didn't seem to bother my husband, thankfully! LOL ;) I also shared some pictures of the world's cutest kiddos (though Guinness hasn't ruled on that one yet)

December 2012:
I never did formally "reveal" my blue-and-green Christmas tree (oops...),
but you did get a good glimpse of it in my post on decorating with camouflage!
In December, I didn't blog as much as I wanted to... but I did manage to share an easy DIY Christmas tree garland (that also happened to be FREE)! I also posted a round-up of 10 Christmas Gift Ideas under $10! (Go ahead and pin it for next year-- because if 2013 goes by as fast as 2012 did, you'll need it sooner than you could ever think!)

So there you are-- 2012 in review! (Of course, that's just a basic overview-- check out my Project Gallery for an exhaustive list! Trust me, I'm exhausted just reading back over everything!)

Thanks SOOOO much to all of my awesome followers! Whether you follow through GFC, Linky, or Facebook, you make me so happy! And I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for A Heartful Home! One of my goals is to start a link-up party (woohoo!) I also plan on doing more room reveals-- even if the room isn't quite "perfect" (in my eyes) ;) (Will it ever be?)

Sooooo... what kind of posts would you like to see in 2013? 
Do you salivate over garage sale/thrift store finds? 
Are you more of a craft person? 
Or do you prefer the big picture of room reveals? 
Maybe you'd like to see more "personal"- type posts? 
And why, do people say "a penny for your thoughts", but you put in your "two cents worth"-- isn't that a ripoff???

Either way, happy 2013, folks!!! :D

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  1. I'm exhausted reading about it! Wow! You had a very productive year! On to an even better year: 2013



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