Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Freshening Up My Kitchen

Have you ever had a decoration around for so long that you forgot it was there? Yeah, me neither.

 In spite of my continual decorating change-ups, I’m ashamed to say that the tops of my kitchen cabinets have been touched very little since we got married 6 years ago (yep, six YEARS!)
Okay, I might have changed a few things up here and there-- as I gathered more décor from my garage sale/thrift store shopping habit-- but I know for a fact that the two baskets of plastic fruit on the ends were the original ones I placed up there when I first decorated my house! Yikes! Needless to say, not only were they very dusty, (seriously, who climbs on top of their kitchen cabinets to dust every week?) but they were, well, just boring! It was DEFINITELY time for a décor refresh!

Really, things might still be the same up here, if it were not for this beautiful bird cage! I have oohed, aahhed, and drooled over gorgeous cages like these in magazines for years. A few weeks ago, during one of my regular Goodwill runs, I was getting ready to head for the checkout, but I had this nagging feeling that I was missing something IMPORTANT! (I have that feeling almost every time, but never mind…) I headed across the store to look through the clothes one last time, when what did I spy, perched on top of the clothes racks, but this beauty! I picked it up with shaking hands, thinking, “It’s perfect! Please, oh, please, let it be under $10!!!” Lo and behold, the price tag said $3.99! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get it home and find a place for it!

Believe it or not, however, I had a hard time finding a home for it, because it was TOO BIG! I finally decided that it would have to go above my kitchen cabinets—which meant a complete rearranging and redecorating of everything up there! (Not that I was bummed about that…). :) I knew that, like the rest of my living areas, I wanted to get rid of the red accents and go for a lighter, brighter look. So I followed my usual formula for decorating an area:

1)      Remove all preexisting objects from the area.
2)      Raid storage room for any decorative items that might possible fit the color scheme/size/style you are going for.

3)      Move items around and switch them out until you are happy with the arrangement!

 (Usually I repeat steps 2 & 3 multiple times—even days in a row—until I am happy with the results!)

As mentioned above, the rest of the items I already had—either found at garage sales or in thrift stores over the years.  I ended up with a gold-and-white “pear” theme of sorts, though that was not really my intention to begin with :) (Okay, there’s one exception: the pot on the left is lemons, not pears…)

I believe the “Café” sign is the only item I bought “new”… and that was in a clearance section because of some missing paint! (Though you certainly can’t tell from a distance!) The gold candlesticks were I think 50¢ apiece at a community-wide rummage sale last fall, and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth of use from them since! They seem to find a place in just about every vignette I make!

I really adore the vignette on this side. The old frame came from a thrift store… you can tell it used to be gilded, but most of it has worn away :) I just love that effect! The print inside of it I bought for $1 at a flea market, because I loved the earthy tones.

The small round bird cage was one of my first-ever spray-paint projects! It was brass when I bought it (at Goodwill, of course). I sprayed it first green,  but didn’t like it, so I painted it white, then distressed it lightly with a scuff pad till some of the green showed through. It’s the perfect size for one of the few fake houseplants I still have. (Yes, I went through a big fake plant stage… but I’m growing out of it now!)

I think the refresh makes a big difference—especially since this is the first view you see when you walk in my front door! Now, every time I walk into my house, I smile!

So take a look around your house, and see if you have any decorations or areas you might be overlooking!  You don’t need to make gigantic changes like remodeling or even painting—just change out a few items, and be ready for a fresh new feeling in your home!

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  1. Looking at the tops of your cabinets makes me realize that I really need to decorate mine. I've totally neglected that area, except for the one plant that I have up there.

  2. Go for it! In my house, it makes an especially big impact, because the living/dining/kitchen areas are all one, and the kitchen is literally the centerpiece of the entire house!

  3. Ooh I love that!!! It looks great and yes, so fresh.

  4. Looks great! I LOVE the birdcage!!

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog ( - love your Kitchen & the bird cages!

  6. I love moving things around, too. Cute birdcage!

  7. I am in LOVE with bird cages. I wish mine would fit above my cabinets, so cute! Would love to invite you to link up and share over at Curb Alert's! Friday Block Party. Hope to see you there!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  8. An little change is always welcome. I do love the bird cage--it's perfect. found you on Jam's Corner.

  9. Me, too! I am loving the bird cage! Your kitchen updates are great! XO, Aimee


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