Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{31 Days of Coastal Style} "Modern Cottage" Coastal Home Tour

Today I'm "rolling with it" by trying to figure out how to blog from my tablet (since we're driving again and my laptop battery has outlived its ability to hold a charge)... so bear with me if this post looks a bit wonky. :)

This lovely "modern coastal cottage" was one of the very first homes I saw that made me realize how much I love this coastal style! I love everything about it-- from the white planked ceiling, to the gallery of seascapes,  to the tall glass bookcase topped with globes!

What's your favorite part?

Source: BHG

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  1. I love coastal style because it's so airy and fresh! The neutrals (white) with pops of color (usually blue and green which I LOVE anyway) is SO me. It's so funny because I'm realizing how much my personal clothing style is so much like my decorating/homes-I-drool-over style! Very simple, usually monochrome with pops of color and accessories. Very coastal-y. (It doesn't hurt that I love the beach either ;))


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