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About Kathryn

OccupationDomestic Engineer, Interior Designer, Childcare Expert
LocationUpper Peninsula, MI

Me and my little princess (mini-me!) I <3 my family!
I love being married to my wonderful pastor hubby, AKA my "Superman". I love being mom to my three lovable little "monkeys". I love books, birds, and blogging. I love finding great deals (especially FREE!). I love decorating and bringing our family's personality and heart into our "little house in the Northwoods"! And I love sharing this heart-ful journey that is "home-making"! Follow along with my as I seek to create, beautify, and love my home!

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  1. Hi Kathryn!
    Thank you SO much for your comment on my blog! I agree - I think a woman can do everything she needs to in a skirt. Thanks again for taking the time to comment - it made my day! :-)


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