Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bringing Fall Into Your Home for Free!

I must admit it—I’m finally “warming up” to this fall. I had so much fun with my summer decorating this year that I was really loathe to pack away the driftwood, seaglass, and sailboats. (Not to mention that I really didn’t want to go all orange overload on the house this fall, like I have in the past—with a pumpkin [or two] on literally every surface.) :) But I finally had to face the fact that, yes, even the calendar says fall is here!

This year, I had the wonderful benefit of Pinterest to inspire me in my quest for non-pumpkiny, more natural and neutral fall décor! (check out my I <3 Fall Pinterest board here) I started my fall decorating by bedecking my dining room bookshelf in neutral shades of white, gold, and brown (I hope to show that to you soon)! But it still felt like something was missing. I wanted some strategic pops of fall color—a way to bring the beauty of the changing autumn colors inside! (WITHOUT any jack-o-lanterns!) As soon as I saw this picture, I knew what I needed- a NATURAL touch!

So a few afternoons ago, while the littlest monkey was napping, the two older kiddos and I took a stroll to the woods at the back of our property, and came back with armloads of crisp branches festooned with just-turning leaves. All I needed to do was dig out some vases (collected at garage sales and thrift stores throughout the year), distribute the colorful branches between them, and, voila, colorful autumn arrived!

I tucked some individual leaves into the moss in the cornucopia on the dining room table. The green ceramic pumpkin was a Dollar Tree find—three more of them (in other neutral colors) are lined up on my dining room buffet!

I didn’t forget the living room, either! A large armload of the beautiful branches brightened up the wall by our woodstove, perched in a wicker umbrella stand.  Even the bookshelf became home to a bouquet of the colorful leaves!

It’s amazing what a difference is made, just by bringing a bit of the outdoors in!  I can almost smell the crisp autumn air! ;) I’m definitely in the fall mood now-- and without an orange pumpkin in sight! (No offense to you pumpkin lovers!) :)

And the best thing about all-natural decorating? It’s completely FREE! Even if you don’t have woods in your own backyard, chances are there are neighbors around that would be glad to share some of the colorful bounty with you! (Just make sure you ask first!) ;) Either way, there’s really nothing like a touch of the outdoors to bring a breath of fresh air inside—for ANY season!
So how have you brought nature into your home for fall? Done any free decorating lately? Let me know!

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  1. So pretty! I love your ideas...would be thrilled if you would share at my Fall Decor Party :)

  2. Very pretty!!! I found your blog on Southern Lovely and I am your newest follower. I would love for you to follow me back so that we can continue to share ideas. Looking forward to more posts! :)


  3. Your decor is beautiful.. Thanks for sharing at Fabulous Friday.

  4. Wish we had beautiful colored leaves like on the Gulf Coast of MS. I would have a blast decorating!


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