Monday, September 24, 2012

Thrifty Treasures Monday- Part 2: Vintage "Farmer's Market" Sign!

Yes, I know-- this is two "Thrifty Treasures Monday" posts in one day! But the first post (about my $5 original painting score) was already pretty lengthy... so in order to comply with the Universal Blog Police Rules-- Article 52, Subsection X: Post Length Specifications-- I decided to split my finds into two posts. :)

Even though I already did more than my fair share of thrift store shopping while visiting my in-laws, I still had to make my weekly (okay, bi-weekly) stop at my local Goodwill on Saturday. I didn't find anything incredible on my quick circuit of the store, but when I peeked into the carts that held the stock-waiting-to-be-put-on-shelves, I spotted this treasure!

Yes, it is an AUTHENTICALLY VINTAGE Farmer's Market sign-- complete with the worn, semi- rusty clips on top used for hanging it from a beam! (Obviously someone had already had it in their house, though, because they had added sawtooth hangers to the back.) I didn't even hesitate at the sticker price of $2.99-- I plunked down my pocket change, and marched straight out the door and home! :)

I knew instantly where this beauty belonged!

Sorry about the glare on the large picture-- our giant windows are immediately opposite, so it's nigh to impossible to get a good picture of this wall. :(

 It's even hinged in the middle-- probably to fold up for storage when the farmer's market wasn't in session! I love the authentic natural touch it brings to the wall collage! (It's definitely a LOT better than the tired old ivy swag that I used to add height to the wall arrangement before!)

It fits in perfectly with my giant German vegetable poster ;) (which, incidentally, was a $0.99 Goodwill find-- and the poster frame cost a hefty $6 from-- where else-- Goodwill, too!)

So I scored two authentic wall-hangings in one week!!! (If you missed the other one, check it out here). Whoop whoop!

Have you found any good thrifting deals lately?  Do you find yourself shopping at thrift stores more and more as the yard sales wind down? (I know I do!) Or do you have any great vintage sign finds to share?

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  1. I love the sign and wall, it looks beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  2. I like that sign. I looks great with your wall art arrangement!

  3. That is a beautiful sign! Love it! Just yesterday I chalk painted this box I found in someones trash pile. You can see it here . Soon I'll show the finished product!

    Got yourself a new follower as well! ☺

  4. LOVE this sign! Great FIND and BARGAIN!!!! Thanks for sharing at Junkin Joe!!! Hope to see you again soon : ) Hugs...

  5. Amazing find for an amazing price! I hope I stumble upon a treasure like this one day :)

  6. I LOVE this vintage sign so much....featuring you!! XO, Aimee


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