Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Warriors!

No, we didn't join the National Guard :), we've just been busy with all kinds of projects this weekend! (Okay, all week...) Mostly, we've been working on the new apartment that we (well, mostly Hubby) have been constructing in one wing of our church building.

Isn't drywall so much fun? NOT... Actually Hubby did make it a bit easier by creating a plastered texture on all the walls-- no sanding! (Hooray!)

We did add an extra step of priming all the walls with three gallons of flat white paint (which we already had laying around... FREE, hooray!) This will keep the real paint from soaking in, and we'll actually end up using LESS of the "expensive" paint.

So far we've gotten the apartment's master bedroom painted.  Hubby picked the colors, as well as the two-tone color scheme (based on the wall treatment from some high-end lofts in which he recently installed plumbing).  I think it's going to turn out pretty neat!

I've also been working on my own project this week...

This poor little chair was residing forlornly in one of the (many) storage rooms around here. The faded wood finish and ancient brown fabric are in pretty woeful shape, but she's sturdy, and has great lines!
So far, I've painted it (color to be announced), but I'm still looking for the perfect fabric to recover the seat. (Remember, I'm EXTRA cheap thrifty, so it has to be free or pretty close to it!) I've been scouring Goodwill, but haven't found the perfect thing yet... I do have some pretty good ideas, though! Stay tuned for the reveal!

Of course, all of these projects have been in ADDITION to all of the church work (our Saturdays and Sundays are so full that my hubby semi-jokingly says that he looks forward to work on Monday because then he can relax!)

So how about you? Did you get any exciting projects finished-- or started-- this weekend?


  1. Oooh, the new apartment is sure looking great!! :D Matt's doing a super job (as he did with your first apartment!) and I can't wait to see what's happening with the adorable little chair! :D I'll definitely be staying tuned ;)

  2. That apartment is amazing and I know the church will be blessed by it! I can't wait to see the chair reveal. Have you ever thought about just painting the fabric? I have seen so many people do that lately :)

    Thanks for the great post!



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